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Science and Customization

Da Shiang Automation (DSA), a leading Taiwan-based company founded in 2013, specializes in robotic system integration and designs/develops turnkey automation solutions for factory anufacturing applications.

Being heavily involved in the metal manufacturing industry for over 10 years, we have designed and developed solutions that greatly help the industry to improve consistency in quality, ncrease productivity, and reduce lead times. With our industry knowledge, DSA has mastered a wide range of metal manufacturing processes.

With the rise of industry 4.0 (smart factory), we built our own digital solutions for factory management to integrate with our automation solutions. We have gradually transferred from a roject-based solution provider to a total solution provider. DSA’s diversified automation solutions, technical knowledge, and systems expertise differentiates us from a typical solution provider. Our leading position is underpinned by our integrated business model with comprehensive capabilities of offering a onestop solution to our customers.






DSA has been working on the essence of honesty to serve every customer. Striving for excellence, inspecting the trend of market and satisfying each customer’s requirements with innovative technology and excellent service.

Service Point

Taoyuan, Taiwan

  • No. 31, Xingbang Road, Guishan District, Taoyuan City

Tianjin, China

  • No. 2 Jin Fa Rd. Shang Ma Tai Industrial Area,Wu Qing District, Tianjin,P.R.China

Binh Duong, Vietnam

  • S11- CHUNG CƯ VẠN XUÂN BÌNH DƯƠNG 26 Đại lộ Bình Dương, Khu phố 3, Phường Phú Hòa, Tp.Thủ Dầu Một – Tỉnh Bình Dương